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Why live in Quito?

There are many reasons why I could say why you should choose to live in Quito, however, I will be very particular in emphasizing certain points that make Quito, the capital of South America and the most attractive and fashionable city in the world to be visited.

Quito was the first city in the world to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, because it has the largest and best preserved historic center in all of America, full of colonial houses, churches and museums where you can appreciate the expression of the baroque architecture.

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Quito is also a contemporary cultural center, in its northern business zone you can find all the modern architecture, the bohemian areas are full of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops, making Quito a city that never sleeps, its people are always friendly With tourists, in the streets you will find the diversity of cultures, races and beliefs, so everyone can live in harmony in one place.

Many outdoor tourist sites are located a few hours from the city, such as Cotopaxi, the largest active volcano in the world, the wonderful Amazon and its beautiful gardens hidden in the jungle, exotic beaches with 365 days of sunshine, beautiful lakes and the colorful indigenous cities such as Otavalo with its traditional market and more places to discover that only you can experience, for all these activities there is public transport at a very good price.

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