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St. Gallen Haus

"St. Gallen Group" - Guest House, Apartments, Suites and Host Families were designed as the ideal place to stay, whether short or long term accommodation, and is a place where students and residents will experience the warmth of Latin heat and a special touch of European style that will make them feel at home.

The organization consists of four main branches:
The first is a guest house of 560m2 with capacity of up to eighteen students, it has rooms with private and sharing bathrooms, communal multipurpose rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, Gym, terraces, BBQ area, patios, restaurant, garage for visitors, permanent cleaning service, Internet and laundry, the second of one apartment of 103 m2, three bedrooms, with maximum capacity of 6 persons, equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay in an excellent location Gaspar de Villarroel and Eloy Alfaro, the third stage consists of two suites of 65m2, two rooms, with maximum capacity of 3 persons, equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay in the best neighborhood in the northeast of Quito "Jardines del Batan "with the desired security; finally SG Host Families which promotes a wide range of opportunities for you to understand the Latin culture and daily customs and routines, practice the language everyday while having a great time.

"St. Gallen International", working for our guest travel needs, as well for their comfort and safety, we have extended our services with affiliates in Havana-Cuba with Private Houses and Medellin-Colombia with two Guesthouses with 12 rooms available.

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